Simhapuri Publication is one of the leading publishing houses of the country and the largest in public sector. It is a repository of books and journals for highlighting matters of national importance and India’s rich and diverse cultural heritage quality reading material on subjects of national importance.

Simhapuri Publication is some of the India’s best known; bestselling authors some of them G.Ramesh Chowdary, for the greatest challenges by providing the best technical assistance and we have to provide the best industry standards in International Generals as well as best market publishing and our formidable distribution network strength, and we have to reach our books on every state corner of India. In Simhapuri publications has become one of the most popular Indian brands in the business career of spanning more than three years of books.

It carries out sales of publications through its own sale outlets located at important cities as well as through the agents. It is also takes part in exhibitions and book fairs to promote sale of books and journals. It has so far published more than 9000 titles, out of which 2000 titles are live on date. Besides books, the publications division brings out 52 journals on issues of national importance and social purpose:

Simhapuri Publications are established in the year of 2011 with its headquarters in Hyderabad, Simhapuri Publications works to overcome some of the regions greatest challenges by providing the best results oriented projects, in around the world. Topics of interest for the open access for online journals that publishes articles on advanced engineering technologies:

•Electronics and Communication Engineering

• Electrical Engineering

• Green Energy and Nano Technology

• Mechanical Engineering

• Computer Engineering

• Software Engineering

• Civil Engineering

• Construction Engineering

• Structural Engineering

• Electromechanical Engineering

• Telecommunication Engineering

• Communication Engineering

• Chemical Engineering

• Food Engineering

• Biological and Bio System Engineering

• Agriculture Engineering

• Geological Engineering

• Bio mechanical & Biomedical Engineering

• Environmental Science Engineering

• Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering

• Wireless Communication and Network Engineering

• Thermal Science and Engineering

• Business management, economics and information technology

• Organic Chemistry

• Life Sciences Biotechnology and Pharma Research

• Heat and Masstranfer and Technology

• Biological Science

• Food Microbiology

• Agricultural Science and Technology

• Water Resources and Environmental Engineering

• Urban and Regional Research

• Human Resource Management

• Pollution Engineering

• Mathematics

• Science

• Astronomy

• Biochemistry

Simhapuri Publication it’s promotes the analysis and learning in our 54 advanced engineering technologies are it can provides a good development practices, knowledge of sharing and the technical assistance to the states members implementations.

Employment News: The Simhapuri Publication published in English, Hindi, and Telugu languages for every week is the largest circulated guide today. It carries information about job vacancies in central/state government departments, public sector undertakings, educational institutions and reputed private organizations. Its editorial pages include a lead article, diary of events, letters to the editors, quotations, articles on the world of science, besides those on career guidance and other matters of use to examinees.